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Dragon Ball regresa al mundo del anime, aunque no como todos lo esperaban. El último número de la revista V-Jump anunció que el juego arcade que sólo se encuentra disponible en Japón, Dragon Ball Heroes se convertirá en un anime. 
El juego utiliza un sistema de cartas en el cual hay que mover de lugar en el tablero para ir realizando diferentes acciones.   Además cuenta con varias promociones animadas que le han dado gran popularidad y que te dejamos a continuación.

Si algo caracteriza a este juego es el fanservice para todos los fanáticos de Dragon Ball, quienes se preguntan como sería Broly en SSJ4 o alguna descabellada fusión..
El primer episodio tendrá un pre-estreno el 1 de julio en Ion Lake Town y por lo que se conoce hasta ahora este anime abarcará los arcos del arcade: Torneo del Poder y Planeta Prisión.
En cuanto al regreso de Dragon Ball Super, aún no hay información por lo que queda seguir esperando.
Acá te dejamos un video de como funciona el juego. 

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Beerus – Comparison

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Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct made him the strongest mortal in Universe 7, and quite possibly in all the known Universes. Prior to that, be was pretty powerful. However, he was still no match for the Gods of Destruction. But now, with Ultra Instinct coming into play, we have a lot of stuff to think over. The question is, is Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku stronger than Beerus?

Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Beerus – Comparison : A definitive answer to this question probably cannot be provided. The scaling in Dragon Ball Super was crap, and we know that it would alter every other episode. So everything that I say beyond this is purely my own opinion. Yours can differ from mine, and that’s completely fine.

In my opinion, Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku is slightly stronger than Beerus. However, if the two were to fight, I think Beerus would come out victorious. This is because of two reasons. The first reason a Goku cannot maintain Mastered Ultra Instinct for more then 3 minutes. There is no way a fight with Beerus can possibly be wrapped within 3 minutes.

The second reason is that Beerus is a God of Destruction. He has hax techniques like Hakai, and there are probably more that we aren’t even aware of. In terms of strength, I think Goku with Mastered Ultra Instinct is above Beerus. But like I said, if the two were to fight, I think Beerus would win.

Now, if you remove the time limit of Mastered Ultra Instinct, I think Goku can possibly win against Beerus. But we know that he cannot do that right now. He hasn’t even learned to enter Mastered Ultra Instinct state, or even Omen state right now. So, if you expect Goku to win against Beerus or surpass him, he would need to completely master Ultra Instinct first.

Then only does he stand a chance. Tournament of Power Goku was really impressive and if he does learn how to do it at will, I think Beerus might possibly lose to him. But of course, that’s just my opinion. You may have a different take on this, and I’ll be glad to hear it in the comments section.

The Strongest And Oldest God of Destruction – Proofs : The Gods of Destruction are some of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Super world. They are beings who have the power to destroy, even erase planets, or a Universe at will. Beerus was the first God of Destruction we saw in Dragon Ball, and he made his debut back in Battle of Gods. Afterwards, we were introduced to Champa and the concept of a God of Destruction for each Universe came up.

Since then, fans have been arguing who the strongest God of the is. Some say it is Beerus. Others say it can be Quitela, and there are even those who say Belmod is probably the strongest God of Destruction. So, today I wanted to discuss who I think the strongest God or Destruction is, and why I think so. So let’s begin. Beerus is probably one of the strongest.

I think everyone agrees that Beerus is probably one of the strongest God of Destruction. Even if he may not be at the top, he is very close to it. Quitela is a God of Destruction who we know has beaten Beerus before. However, he only beat him at arm wrestling. It wasn’t something serious. Before the Tournament of Power, the Gods of Destruction had a little fight of their own, and they all fought pretty well.

You could see that Beerus was one of the strongest there. He even used Ultra Instinct against the Gods of Destruction, who had a lot of trouble dealing with him. Again, I think Quitela and Belmod impressed us there, but I’m pretty sure that it is Beerus who is the strongest God of Destruction. Beerus has been a God of Destruction for a very long time..

In Dragon Ball Super manga, Belmod commented that he has been a God of Destruction for 267,974 years now, and that he is looking for a successor. Everyone knows that he wants Toppo to succeed since Jiren isn’t interested in being a God of Destruction. On the other hand, we have Beerus who has been a God of Destruction for more than 75 million years now, since he sealed the Kai in the Z Sword.

The fact that Beerus has been a God of Destruction for a lot longer than the rest means that he certainly has a lot more experience than the others do. Because of this reason, I think Beerus might just be the strongest God of Destruction that exists. Maybe there is someone stronger than him, but to me it seems like Beerus is probably the strongest because of all the experience.

Jiren’s Return In Dragon Ball Super – Explained

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Jiren became one of the most iconic antagonists in the Dragon Ball Universe during the Tournament of Power. One could argue that he is the strongest that Goku has ever encountered in his journey so far, and he certainly did need to go all out in order to be able to fight against this monster. With the defeat of Universe 11 at the end of Episode 131 of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren and everyone else got erased.

However, Android 17 wished every Universe back, so because of that, Jiren was brought back to life along with all the other Universes as well. We saw that Jiren’s personality had really changed thereafter, and this was mainly because of Goku’s influence. He even wished to see Goku once again, and fight him.

But will that ever happen? Will we see Jiren’s return in Dragon Ball Super’s sequel (if there is one)? I’m pretty sure we will. When you look at Jiren, you see someone who is just too powerful. Rising to the level of a God of Destruction really does take a lot of effort, and Jiren was the only known mortal to do so by the time of the Tournament of Power. He cannot be sidelined so easily.

At the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131, we basically got confirmation that Jiren was looking forward to fight Son Goku once again, and that he considered him his friend now. That was the first bond that Jiren had made ever since his loved ones died. So, I think Jiren’s return will be important to the story.

What’s more, we haven’t seen Jiren’s story conclude yet. Jiren’s past held him back, and he has finally let go of that. But we don’t know who the great evil that managed to kill his parents was. What became of him? If he’s still a threat, Jiren will have to face him again. If not then I suppose Goku and the others will probably find themselves in Universe 11.

We all know that Vegeta wants to visit Universe 6’s Planet Sadala, so visiting Universe 11 doesn’t seem to out of sorts. I’m sure we’ll see that happening in Dragon Ball Super if the series does return. Of course, we’ll have to wait a lot, but let’s see what happens and hope for Jiren’s return.


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Hola amigos , el día de hoy les traemos el top 13 de los Guerreros mas poderosos, de Dragon Ball Super sin incluir a los Angeles , para entender mejor te lo explicamos en el siguiente Video elaborado por Yisus TV:


Dragon Ball Super Movie: para mostrar Son Goku Legendary Super Saiyan form

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Two months after the official airing of its final episode for the Universe Survival Arc, “Dragon Ball Super” fans are still talking about the successful anime series. The ultimate episode answered many questions that bothered the fandom during the Tournament of Power. In addition, Toei Animation recently released the first-ever trailer for the upcoming film.

It hints at a new opponent that the fan-favorite Saiyan is going to face. Many are now speculating and making their own theories about this new powerful foe. Interestingly, a new theory claims that Son Goku is going to get a new form in the much-awaited anime movie. Legendary Super Saiyan form : the “Dragon Ball Super” movie is slated to officially air in theaters of Japan on December 14, 2018.

While information about the highly anticipated animated movie is scarce, several fans came up with interesting theories. One of these, uploaded by content creator Charlie Schneider from the popular YouTube channel Emergency Awesome. Schneider believes that since the Tournament of Power officially acknowledges the status of Legendary Super Saiyan as canon.

There is a big chance that Son Goku might reach the powerful form. The content creator also expects that the upcoming movie will introduce stronger opponents with unbelievable power. During the hotly contested competition in the World of the Void, fans witnessed Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale fused into a powerful Legendary Saiyan named Kefla.

Another powerful fighter from Universe 11—Jiren the Gray has been one of the fiercest and toughest opponents of the fan-favorite Saiyan. Most likely, the upcoming film with the same title as the anime series will introduce another unbelievably tough adversary. Other details : In the final episode of successful anime series, Son Goku revealed that he is no longer capable of unleashing his godly form, Ultra-Instinct.

Still, Vegeta teased him to transform himself into Ultra-Instinct. The fan-favorite Saiyan disclosed that he could not achieve the same feat that he accomplished in the tournament. He explained that he was just pushed to his limits during the competition. This triggered him to unleash the powerful form. Meanwhile, Toei Animation recently teased the fandom about the identity of Son Goku’s opponent.

While the fighter’s entire persona was not disclosed, some scenes showed interesting shots of his body. The fighter has a tail and a body covered with armor. His eyes are glowing with a combination of green and yellow aura. He seems to have a body armor similar to that of Cabba from Universe 6. For now, it is hard to speculate on the identity of Son Goku’s opponent in “Dragon Ball Super.” It is hard to tell what the fan-favorite Saiyan will unleash and achieve in the movie.


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When it comes to Dragon Ball, fan service may not be the first thing you think about. The shonen series is usually too busy following Son Goku’s battles to fluff up its story for audiences, but the franchise isn’t immune to fan service. Guys like Broly are perfect examples of how the action-packed anime tries to placate fans, and Dragon Ball Super hopes to tap into that trope soon enough.
After all, the latest Dragon Ball iteration is about to head to theaters, and its first feature film is said to have a good bit of fan service.
Recently, fans were given a slew of new information about Dragon Ball Super and its upcoming film. The anime might have ended its weekly series in March, but Toei Animation has plans to keep up with the story this December when its first film goes live. So, Akio Iyoku thought he would let fans know they were going to get some solid service in the feature.
Recently, chief of Toei Animation’s recently formed Dragon Room opened up about Dragon Ball Super’s movie. The lengthy interview was shared with fans online, and translators like Herms98 were quick to summarize its important bits. And, yes — fan service qualifies as important.
According to the interview, Iyoku explains that Akira Toriyama’s original story for the Dragon Ball Super film has quite a bit of fan service. However, that does not mean the movie will be overly sexy or anything. Iyoku’s reference to fan service has less to do with NSFW artwork and more with “crowd-pleasing” sequences. So, fans can expect the film to have its share of over-indulgent moments.
Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. It is also available to stream on FunimationNOW and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and Crunchyroll.

If you want to catch up with the English dub, the first 52 episodes of Dragon Ball Super are now available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and available to purchase on Amazon Video as well. The 52 episodes span the full range of what has aired in the North America and covers the “Battle of Gods” arc, “Revival of F” arc, the “Universe 6” arc, and bringing the series right up to the current TV airings of the “Future Trunks” arc.
What do you want to see in this debut Dragon Ball Super movie? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!


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Super Dragon Ball Heroes introduces Golden Cooler and a NEW EVIL SAIYAN to the world but how does this affect the Dragon Ball Super Movie? Also who is the NEW Evil Saiyan introduced here?


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Segundo Trailer de Dragon Ball revela el nuevo saiyajin de la franquicia, cuyo nombre momentáneo es: "Saiyajin maligno", mientras Gokú, accede al modo Berserker. El trailer también muestra la apariencia de un nuevo enemigo con una semejanza al nuevo saiyajin de la leyenda, a continuation el video:

12 Biggest Mistakes That You Never Noticed In Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball Z is one of the most successful anime series of all time. It had everything that a person would want from an anime series. Dragon Ball Z is very well known for its awesome battles, however, despite being so good, it has a few mistakes that you may or may not have noticed. So, today I have made a list of the biggest mistakes in Dragon Ball Z.
12. The Real Hero of DBZ-

This is one the biggest mistakes made by the DBZ creators. Gohan was all set to become the next big thing. However, after the Cell Saga, it all went wrong for Gohan. He was turned into a family man instead of the hero he was always meant to be.
11. Hyperbolic Time Chamber Fumble-

When Gotenks and Super Buu escape from the Hyperbolic time chamber, Piccolo said that the seconds in the Hyperbolic time chamber were compared to hours in the real world. It contradicts the whole thing as it should actually be the reverse of what Piccolo said.
10. You Don’t Die Twice-

Goku has said it time and time in the series that if you die after being revived, then you will die completely and there will be no turning back. However, in Dragon Ball GT, Freeza and Cell regenerate once again when Goku defeats them
9. Only Some Tails Grow-.
When Vegeta got his tail cut off from Yajirobe during his fight with Gokū, it never grew back. Because in the past we’ve seen Gohan and Goku growing back their tails in the same episode. While Vegeta on the other hand just seemed to have just one tail.

8. Disappearance of Launch-
Launch was introduced way back in the Dragon Ball series. She could change from a timid girl to a killer in the blink of an eye. Rather she would change after just a sneeze. She became one of the most loved characters in the series cause she bought a brand new twist with her personality. However, she was erased from Dragon Ball Z which was because of Toriyama’s mistake who forgot about her until the later part of Dragon Ball Z.
7. How Old Are They?

One of the biggest mysteries in the Dragon Ball Series is the age of Trunks and Goten. These kids are like Peter Pan, they don’t grow at all. Trunks and Goten look the same as they were at the end of Dragon Ball Z. It’s Dragon Ball Super right now and both of them are the same.
7. Regenerating Cell-
The Cell saga in Dragon Ball Z has taken a lot scrutiny from the fans because of the inconsistency in the series. Cell had a different level of Regeneration powers. He was able to recover his lost head while he was fighting Goku. His level of regeneration starts going crazy as he is able to recover even after self-destructing himself.
6. Saiyans can’t fight in space-

It was made obvious by Freeza that if there is no atmosphere, Goku won’t be able to live. However, this was proven to be wrong as in Battle of Gods, Goku was able to fight against Beerus in space.
5. Power levels don’t mean anything-

In the early parts of the series, power levels were very important. However, as we move forward in the series, they really don’t mean anything. With so many new transformations, it has become almost impossible to scale the power of a fighter.
4. Life after Death-

If we go according to the series, people who are nice get to keep their body for training purposes or for just to live out their lives beyond the grave. However, this is contradicted by the fact that almost every villain whose body count is greater than the population of the Earth are allowed to do whatever they like.
3. No Super Saiyan 2??

Akira Toriyama is one of the worst mangakas when it comes to the memory department. In the battle of Gods, when Goku transformed from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan God, he didn’t use the Super Saiyan 2. Later, Toriyama admitted that he completely forgot about Super Saiyan 2.
2. Elder Kai’s Forgotten Fusion-

Elder Kai appeared in Dragon Ball Z during the Buu Saga. It was after Gohan after broke the Z-Sword. The old Kai explained that he became old after accidentally merging with a witch. In Dragon Ball Super, it was revealed that no fusion lasts forever unless two Kais fuse. However, it doesn’t make sense for the fusion with the witch to last.
1. Planet Vegeta—
The destruction of planet Vegeta was caused after the tyrant Frieza became wary of the Saiyan’s potential However during Raditz arrival on earth, Raditz tells Goku about the planet which is totally off base from what actually happened. He tells Goku that a meteor hit the planet and thus extinguishing the race.


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Details for the new “Dragon Ball Super ” movie are getting teased, little by little. Some new information was just revealed about the plot of the upcoming movie along with other minor details that the new “#Dragon Ball Super” movie will feature. A few days ago, after the release of the first teaser for the movie, Toei Animation revealed two new posters for the upcoming movie, both of them having a different background. The posters showcased Goku’s new design in a frosty land. Fans were surprised to see that the new movie will take place in a frozen setting because, chances are, the plot will follow #Frieza‘s origins and his connection to the Saiyans.

Moreover, as a compensation for the hiatus of the “Dragon Ball Super ” series, the official “Dragon Ball” site has decided to start an article based series called “Dragon Ball Movie Frontline.” These articles will deliver new information regarding the upcoming movie, interviews with staff and cast, and some behind-the-scenes action as well. This new series will be updated every Sunday at 9 AM.

New movie details

The first article on the official website stated some new information about the new movie, although, the site is Japanese based so it is necessary to translate it from a reliable source. Herms, a reliable “Dragon Ball” translator, summarized the article and said that the new movie will consist of “multiple layers” which means that the events will take place in both, past and present, much like current events and the flashbacks that will back up the story.

Furthermore, it can be concluded that these flashbacks are the reason that we will see multiple settings and environments. Also, he added that Toriyama provided over 20 sheets of designs which included the new character designs, machines, and at leastone new planet.

Fanservice in the new movie

Iyoku said that Toriyama’s story has a lot of “Fan Service” for the fans, though, in context, it means that the movie will be really appreciated by the crowd, rather than other senses. It is also rumored that the female characters in the movie will be extra “Kawaii.” This new information does give fans a new perception of the movie and because the plot takes place after the “Tournament of Power,” plot key points like time-travel, other universes, and flashbacks are on the table. For now, all we can do is to wait for next Sunday, when a new article comes out with some new information regarding the upcoming movie. The 20th movie is said to be released simultaneously all around the world on December 14#Dragon Ball Super Movie

Buenas noticias revelan detalles de la película Dragon Ball Super 2018

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Después de que Dragon Ball Super terminó su serie hace unos meses, los fanáticos han sentido el vacío dejado por la falta de una dosis semanal de nuevos episodios. Es por eso que la película Dragon Ball Super ha sido muy interesante, especialmente ahora que se han dado a conocer nuevos detalles en una nueva entrevista.

En la siguiente entrevista a Akio Iyokuse se revelan grandes noticias para los Fans , cada domingo a las 9 AM horario de Japón nos darán nuevos datos de la película, a continuación te dejo la entrevista completa

New Characters, New Planet?! Dragon Ball Super Movie Timeline Revealed!

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Hey guys! How’s it going on? I know you all must be missing on Goku and the co along with all the action. Well, recently Avengers Infinity War was released and it was really good. So if you’re free / bored, you should go check out that movie even if you haven’t seen any marvel movie before. The excitement in the theater would be enough for a good time.

Well, moving on, we have some new fresh updates from the official Dragon Ball Super twitter and their official site. As the first in a new series of interviews about the movie from a new series titled “Dragon Ball Movie: Front Line,” which will feature new info and staff interviews on the film’s official website (thanks to translations provided by Twitter user @Herms98).

Dragon Room chief Akio Iyoku dished more about what fans can expect from the Dragon Ball Super movie’s story. According to Iyoku, the Dragon Ball Super movie will have a “multilayered” story with “parts set in both the past and present” with multiple settings. Multi layered has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I’m pretty excited for it now!

As for what Toriyama provided for the film, he created the film’s story, 20 sheets of character and machine designs and “at least” one new planet. “At least” is very vague but now we know that we’re going to get a new planet from the past most probably. I think that’s the icy tundra region we were shown in the trailer.

The tidbit about the past and present settings is an interesting one as it could mean a flashback in between present day scenes, especially if one of the new characters was frozen over and finally thawed, and also gives clues as to how the film might tackle previously revealed story beats. It’s pretty smart.

The stories like the “origins of Goku’s power,” Freeza’s relationship with the Saiyans, and potentially the story of the very first Super Saiyan. Also since the film has already confirmed it will take place right after the Tournament of Power, that means time travel and even other universes are on the table as well. Too many possibilities.

This story could go any number of ways, but it aims to tell a story of the past and present when it premieres in Japan this December. In the interview, they really hyped up the movie – “However, I think that the movie of this time wants to go even further along the flow of a new theater version “Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods” and “- Resurrection ‘F’ “.

I think that everyone’s expectations are also rising with the expansion of the world view further with the TV anime “Dragon Ball Super”. So, as far as movies are going to go beyond the TV anime “Dragon Ball Super” too, it is going to be more interesting, so please expect more than ever. I definitely think that it will be worthy of your expectations. “

Another question was – “Saiyan is the theme, but what kind of story will it be? Tell readers please!” Ino: “Well, it is still a secret … only a little. As the story of the Saiyan people it is necessary to look back on history. There was such a thing in the past, a past episode comes out. It is not a monotonous movie.

It doesn’t keep track of one story but it has a current story, there is also a story of the past, there is also a stage change, which is a considerable scale feeling. I think that it is becoming a magnificent “space opera”. There are also multi-layered parts, so I think that various characters will be able to enjoy and watch as many times as you want, with all of your thoughts on board.”

So there you have it guys. The movie is going to be epic and I really just can’t wait. I don’t think it’s gonna contain Ultra Instinct and would maybe focus more on the original Saiyan power and the prophecy Beerus saw at first. Maybe it could be a villainous Yamoshi or something. We are still unaware of which timeline are they gonna access.

Dragon Ball Super Movie News: NEW DETAILS!

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HUGE DRAGON BALL SUPER MOVIE NEWS reveals the background of the movie, Toriyama's involvement in the Dragon Ball Super Movie, The Dragon Ball Super Movie Animation and Characters, the Dragon Ball Super Movie TIMELINE, and a NEW PLANET?